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Dropping your float off for a service?

We ask that floats get dropped off either the day before or early in the morning on the day of your service.

If earlier than 8am please advise so our team can be there to greet you.

We appreciate you presenting your float in a clean manner free of any personal items or gear.

Service, Repairs and Insurance Repairs... all by Rowville Experts

That’s right, we also offer you support.

We have the expertise to work on all horse float brands and models. Our experienced team understand how to correctly repair all makes and models of Horse Floats, to ensure you have many more years of confident / Stress free travel.

A well maintained or repaired float is the best way to avoid an accident waiting to happen. From Vet bills and breakdowns during travel, to the cause of serious injury or death (animal and human). These stories are all too common, and easily avoidable.

To carry out all types of horse float repairs, from minor annual services to major insurance repairs. We know the inconvenience and hassle that being without your float can cause.

We are here to support you and help manage your claim. We can deal directly with the insurance provider so you can rest assured that all is being taken care of.

We will help get you and the horses back on the road safely and as soon as possible.

Is your float insured?

Yes? That’s great news….

Is it insured for horse damage?

Well if the answer is yes, then that is relaxing news because if your horse, or, even more annoying, someone elses’ horse kicks and damages your float you can claim your repairs on insurance.

A lot of people are unaware this is an option and we find that most insurance claims are as a result of horse damage or horses behaving badly.

So, call your insurance company today and see if you are covered for more than just theft.


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Tyre Pressure

Quite often we are asked about the correct psi for floats. It’s a great question and we will attempt to give you some guidance.

45-60 PSI depending on the weight of the load (small 2 Horse 45, large 3 horse 60)

Couple of things to bear I mind with this…..the higher the psi and the lower the load, ie one horse instead of usual two that might get carried, the ride may be a little bouncier than normal, the opposite of course applies is psi is too low it will create a drag effect on the vehicle, which will of course impact on fuel consumption and tyre wear.


Brake Controllers

There are a large variety of brake controllers out there, and many of them require adjustment on the maximum brake force and also the speed of the brake force (known as boost setting). Recently there have been some advancements in the trailer brake controller field. Yay.

The best on the market actually self-adjust both the maximum brake force and brake speed, the top brand we advise for these self-adjust brake controllers are; Red Ark, with the Tow Pro brake controller.


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Horse Float Maintenance

Rowville make maintenance easy.

All Rowville Horse Floats are seam sealed and painted with Automotive Grade Paint, so that you can wash the float inside and out with confidence.

Also all of our heavy duty hinges are built with grease nipples for easy care, just add grease with a grease gun each 6 months and these hinges and suspension will last for years of hassle free floating.

The roof is made of high quality fibreglass, which is a really good insulator against the sun on those hot days, just need to keep a polish on the roof and paintwork each 12 months and it will always look like new.


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