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2HAL Comfort


When you’re ready for the next level of creature comforts the 2HAL Comfort Model shows you the way.
With all the horse trimmings of it’s sibling the Legend, The Comfort offers more storage for your gear and personal items.
It features a large front tack box, over front rug rack, rump rug racks, swing out tack box, all fully lockable to secure your items safely.  Not to mention a hanging wardrobe up front with shelves this model gets your gear stowed safely with exceptional use of available space.
Other key features like 240V power, 65L water tank with electric pump, sink and microwave all packaged together in to die for quality two tone paint work.
*Full range of other options are available.
The Best Bits: The microwave, power, water and swing out tack box! Taking the Legend to the next level of comfort and ease.


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Product Description:

Rowville Standards
Chassis, Flooring and Undercarriage:
Lifetime Flooring – Stall area’s have 35mm Thick Hardwood Kiln Dried floorboards
Electric Brakes on Drop Axle  (more Stablitiy & Aerodynamic)
Smooth Ride – with Heavy Duty Rocker Roller Suspension
Anti-Slip Long Lasting Rubber on floor, and walls, and tailgate
Filled in A-Frame & Side steps between mudguard and rear corner stay to ensure Safety for the Horses
Heavy Duty Swing up Jockey wheel
5 x Sunraiser wheels with New Light Truck Tyres,  (14″ for upto 3,300kg rating, 16″ for 3,500kg rating)
Longevity Assured with Galvanised Steel, Galvanised Coupling & 2x Galvanised chains under coupling with 2x d’shakles
Inside  Straight Load Inside  Angle Load
Fully Padded Divider with no gaps to ensure Comfort & Safety during Travel.  height of 1225mm to top, and 845mm to bottom Fully Padded Dividers with no gaps to ensure Comfort & Safety during Travel.  height of 1225mm to top, and 845mm to bottom
Chest Bars: Curved, Padded, 2x Adjustable Height, and with nylon bushes to reduce noise Swing-Away Head Dividers between each stall, all with nylon bushes to reduce noise
Auto Lock Breaching Gates for Single Handed Use FLEXI-TRAVEL Adjustable Dividers  with Rump Wall padding
Inside All
LED Internal Strip lighting and Loading light wired to Vehicle Auxillery
Rubber on the walls in the stall areas to ensure the float is Protected
2 Internal Side Ties per Stall
TempFlow Gas Lift Rear Door (above the tailgate) with the Air flow brackets included
Tailgate – Extra Height to 4’7″ with Gas Strut Assist
Side Lights & Rear Lights  are Bright  LED Reflectors
Minimise those Stone Chips with Aluminium around front, in front and ontop of wheel guards, up rear corner stays
Large Front & Side Window provide lots of Natural Light Inside
Australian Galvanised Steels for framing, chassis and sheeting
Roof- Fully Moulded Fibreglass & is sealed to framework to reduce wind noise
Safe & Easy to Use Flush Mounted Door Handles with the ability to; open, close and lock from both inside & outside
Super Large Windows standard, along with Flyscreens on sliding windows
Sealed framework and other areas to allow Pressure Cleaning inside and out
All External Side Ties are Flush mounted and galvanised
Paint is 2 Pack Paints are all Automotive Grade Paint (not Commercial or Industrial)
Tailgate hinges are all greaseable standard to ensure Low Maintenaince
$800       AUTO-DROP AWAY CHEST BARS (for Straight Load)
Model Sizing
LENGTH   (internal) 13’6″
WIDTH   (internal) 6’6″
HEIGHT   (internal) 7’5
WEIGHT    (unloaded) 1650kg
RATED    (loaded) 3000kg
Bay Length 8″
Bay Width 2’4″
Recommended Maximum Horse Size 17 hh
Model Specifications
Chassis, Flooring and Undercarriage:
Brakeaway System STD NSW Customers require upgraded unit
side step for PA Doors STD
Water Tank – 65L with Electric Pump, External Tap & Filler STD Tow Vehicle requires AUX wire
Front Tack box with 1x External Tack door on LHS & bridle Hooks & saddle pole holder on door (saddle pole not included) STD
Pop-up Roof Vent 2x STD
Rug Rack (SIDE) – mesh – Lift up door on gas struts STD
Tackbox – Swing Out Fibreglass, inc 3 X Std saddle poles (able to stay on outside with tailgate closed, not waterproof) STD
Rug Rack (Front) – sheeted and painted – Lift up door on gas struts STD
Cupboard – Sheeted & Painted – Full Height (with Hanging Rail, and 3 shelves at bottom) on RHS STD
Sink – with cold tap only STD
240v Power with 2x double power points and a Flouro light STD
Microwave on Suspended Shelf STD
Colour – 2tone paint – 1 metalic colour (along Bottom & inside), 1 metalic colour (at top). (straight at rear not angled, and 1x rib lower) STD Silver & Graphite
Spare Wheel mounted on a-Frame STD
Full Size Side Door RHS STD
Tack box Doors **LHS STD
Flush Mounted Tie Points (1 each side) 2x STD
Drop Down Windows on the head side with flyscreens 2x STD
Sliding side window, with flyscreens (1 on rump side) 1x STD
Model Options

Contact us for any optional extra’s, we are here to help.

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